Aeon began as a small SGML consulting company in 1996, we have slowly morphed into a community of like minded technical experts, collaborating to solve real-world problems.  With lots of different experiences in working for a large variety of corporations, we have successfully implemented XML based publishing systems in several industries including eCommerce, medical devices, legal, software development, logistics and aviation.  Basing the work on global and national standards, Aeon has been assisting our customers in creating systems that put their data at their fingertips when they need it, and outputs (from a single source) their manuals in any format they need.

Acting as an XML Evangelist within organizations, we have demonstrated influence without authority, impacting individual contributors and managers including C-level executives.

Currently we are running an in-house publishing system and have developed technical manuals for several different industries, including FAA Part 135 charter jet services.  We have in development a manual for commercial drone operations (FAA, Part 107), this will be available sometime this spring.