Having experts who have worked in the SGML and XML technologies since the late 1980s, Aeon provides consulting services in all aspects of design, architecture and implementation of XML applications.  We work with many different XML software applications and can provide:

  • Software evaluation and selection
  • Document Analysis
  • Creation, maintenance and development of XML vocabularies (schemas and DTDs) and XML application software
  • XSL Transforms, output specifications and stylesheet development
    • SGML to XML
    • XML to XML
    • XML to DITA
    • XML to HTML and back
  • DITA customization’s
  • OXygen Customizations
  • FrameMaker Customizations
  • Knowledge transfer from Aeon to our customers, we make sure you know how to best utilize your system!

Technical Training

We can work with your company to make sure your people have the skills they need to get the job done.  When it comes to XML and XML technologies, we have the best.

  • XPath, basics to advanced
  • Oxygen XML Author
  • Document Management
  • XML Publishing Tools
  • Document Analysis
  • Authoring in XML
  • And many others………

Technical Publishing Systems

Design and development of custom technical publishing systems.  Using Best of Breed XML applications.

Website Design and Hosting

Designing custom websites in HTML or WordPress, we can create and host your website for you.

  • Design in HTML, WordPress or Blogger
  • Host monthly
  • Custom designs
  • Built in security
  • Search Optimization
  • Assist you to obtaining your domain names

Finding new technology to make collaboration easier, we love to help our client’s by optimizing their marketing dollars.

Financial Overview

After running this company for 30+ years with never being  in debt, we can assist you in developing healthy policies and framework to run your company.